Grey market

Pianos Daoust - Grey market

In order to protect the new piano market, the Yamaha company places a label on the pianos destined for the North American market, indicating that they are dried for the climate of this region. However, humidity can vary between 20% and 80% depending on whether you live in California, British Columbia, Texas, Florida, the Maritimes or Quebec. The difference between these regions can be as important as with Australia, Asia, England or Sweden. Do you think that if you bought a piano in Los Angeles, you could bring this piano with you by moving to Boston? Wherever you are on the planet, the important thing is that your piano is used in an environment where the humidity is as stable as possible and about 45%. Steinway, Bösendorfer and several other well-known brands have never claimed that their pianos have been "dried for this or that place". With 35 years of experience of pianos restoration and tuning, we can say that all pianos are susceptible to moisture when exposed to extreme variations. Unless the piano room is equipped with a powerful moisture control device, Dampp-Chaser's Piano Life Saver Humidity Control System is a must. A tuning once a year is also recommended. The technician-tuner will be able to provide you with the necessary advice if he / she notices that your piano may be degraded.