New or used piano, what you need to know before buying

Pianos Daoust - New or used piano, what you need to know before buying

When considering the purchase of a new Yamaha or Kawai piano, be aware that most models under $ 6,000 are not made in Japan. However, because of the better quality of the assembly and the preparation, the choice of a piano entirely made in Japan is more judicious than any Korean, Indonesia or Chinese piano. All Yamaha and Kawai pianos we have in store are made in Japan, certificate in support. As for used pianos, those that Pianos Daoust selects have been used very little. The buyer has the assurance to benefit from his instrument for decades. Making about 700 tunings on different pianos a year, we unfortunately find that most of the pianos (new or used) that have been purchased from some dealers have not been prepared according to the rules of the art and it is very difficult for the customers to detect the anomalies. In fact, most piano traders change technicians frequently. The quality of the work varies so the sellers are unable to evaluate their instruments properly. In addition, the hourly rate of a skilled technician doing the preparatory work reduces their profit margin. As technician-tuner owners, we offer you guaranteed quality work on each of the pianos we sell.