Tuning by piano tuner

Pianos Daoust - Tuning by piano tuner

Some people entrust their piano of several thousand dollars to a tuner they have had the reference of a friend, a work partner or a teacher of pianos. In many cases, the referral is a good way to find the right person. It is still always preferable to do a minimum of research to assess the competence of the person who is about to do work on an instrument that you dearly acquired. The job of tuning technician is not limited to learning how to tune a piano. Tuning is the last step in learning and training a PTG certified tuner technician. At Pianos Daoust, we have been trained to carry out a complete restoration of your piano. After having carried out hundreds of pianos restorations for more than 35 years, we are able to detect the slightest problem of structure, mechanics, adjustment, instability of the tuning etc. We are also trained to repair and refinish all parts of your piano that are damaged and even until complete refinishing. We install Silent systems, humidity controls (Dampp-Chaser) as well as the complete automation system to allow your piano to play from selected music on the web. All this knowledge tells you how competent, passionate and accountable we are, always at the cutting edge of evolution in the field of acoustic piano. We are the best trained to give you the most accurate and relevant information so that you can make the informed purchase of a piano corresponding to your needs, for the rest of your life. It's a bit like asking your mechanic for advice on buying a car.